Eimac 3-500Zs Underway

DO NOT try this at home! The voltages present in high power amplifiers are LETHAL. Do not operate an amplifier with the covers off and/or defeat the safety interlocks unless you have a thorough and complete knowledge of high voltage safety. Voltages of this level are unforgiving. One mistake can result in serious injury or death. I'm not kidding.

You have been warned.

I've seen pictures of 4-400s and other high power tubes under load on the internet, but I don't recall seeing any good pictures of 3-500Zs. So I decided to try my hand at taking some while I was working on my Drake L-7. Here are the results. Click on the pics to see them full-size. Enjoy!

The Pair - two 3-500Z tubes lit up, under load

Gettering - the plate is supposed to glow like that

Topside - Full power to the Warp engines, Scotty!

Inner Beauty - the cathode helix and grid wires are clearly visible

Terms of use: Viewers are welcome to download these pictures for personal use as desktop wallpaper or screen saver images, provided that you keep them as-is; i.e., no editing, and do not remove my callsign from the images. Any other use requires written permission from me.

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